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August 7, 2011
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Wonder Woman Redesign by CJ-Williams Wonder Woman Redesign by CJ-Williams
SUPER HERO of the Month August Redesign: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is easily one of my favorite characters. I love the fact her roots are tied into mythology, that her creator invented the lie detector test, and that she is a warrior. She is powerful on par with many other heroes, but also has a fierce side that also parallels a more tender side. My goal was to come up with a costume that could work beyond comics, and retain most of what I enjoy about the character.

Wonder Woman’s classic uniform is hands down my favorite. It has a very iconic look in comics, but it really doesn’t translate well into much beyond print. My approach here was to pay homage, but create something that could work well in other mediums like, movies, tv, etc.

I opted to keep her arms uncovered, but I did cover her legs. I personally don’t have a problem with shorts, bikinis or skirts, but I feel that those work only in comics. I wanted to give her boots, not heels, because I feel she gets into situations that heels wouldn’t work in. I slightly changed the tiara, and kept the original bracelets. Those elements are similar to Batman’s cowl and pointy gloves, he just doesn’t seem the same without them. I also wanted to loosely pattern my WW a bit after Linda Carter, who to me, still is the most recognizable representation of the character.

In the end I have new respect for those who have tackled icons and some of the dilemmas that they’ve faced in their redesigns. I was happy with the final product, and hope that you enjoy looking at it.

Thanks for looking,
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batmanners Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011
DC Comics, take some notes from this guy.
CJ-Williams Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very kind Batmanners, Thank you.
batmanners Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
SKJeter Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
I really do enjoy your colors Nicky :D I want more just so you know ;)
CJ-Williams Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Katie! I do enjoy coloring, we'll see if I can't oblige you there. :D
SKJeter Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yes we will see ;)
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